Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Boy we are just "slackers" on this whole bloggin thing aren't we?? Do ya think it has anything to do with FB????? Um Yeah, pretty sure it does. Addictive that thing is. Well unfortuantely I don't have alot to talk about on this page. Right now just happy to be living I guess.

Economy is crappy but to be honest with you I'm supporting the stimulus package in hopes that it gets better. I know some people thinks it's an "out" for the irresponsible people-such as I have been in the past-but everybody makes mistakes. Maybe these people who have been irresponsible have learned their lesson and seen how fast you can go from the penthouse to the outhouse!!! So maybe, just maybe they'll grow from it. I believe everybody deserves a 2nd chance, so hopefully this will help them out.

I'm so ready for Spring I could scream. I need some sun shine!! I so have the SAD disease!! I know I do. I get tired, depressed etc etc with these long dreary days.....ready to soak up some Vitamin D!! It just makes me feel better in general.

Been dieting again....yeah I know you're thinking whatever. But I have. Just eating lots of fruits and vegetables and cutting down on the sweets. Trying to excercise too. I really want to go to classes at the gym but finding time to do that is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. We'll see how that works out.

Ok, now onto a delima I have.....Ball season is upon us. I've signed Ashton up for baseball. They are about to start practicing. I got a call from his coach on sunday evening telling me that he believes it would be "safer" for Ashton to play on the 5/6 year old team again this year due to his "size".....now this totally hit a sore spot with me. Ashton is 7 and basically he's saying he doesn't want him to move up with him-the team he's been on for 3 years....I actually couldn't even speak on the other end of the phone. He kept saying Stacey are you there? Finally I mustarded up the voice to say "why". What does size have to do with anything in baseball??? So he goes into explaining that he is just little (geez you're kidding me, I hadn't noticed...) and he thinks it would just be in his best interest (I'm thinking it would be in the best interest of the coach who's won a county championship for the past 3 years and wants to keep his title). He says he's afraid with the kids getting bigger Ash will get hurt......I literally was dumbfounded. Had no idea how to respond. Don't you think it's the parents job to worry if their kid is going to get hurt or not???? I told him I'd have to think about it and call him back. I still haven't called him back. I do NOT know what to do? I now have a bad taste in my mouth for the whole Lascassas Ball club and Ash still wants to play (cause I asked him about it) but I can't get over the fact that this is even being addressed. Am I too sensative? Or is childhood sports just getting incrediably too political???? It's one thing to be competative, I get that, I'm competative too, but to tell me my child is too little to play a sport that he's half way decent at.....no...don't think so. It's not like I'm signing him up for flippin basketball or something!!! Am I being unreleastic??? So I'm dealing with that.....It's stressin me and I know I need to give them an answer as they have teams to sort out, but seriously, they disrespected me so why do I really care about being respectful to them???? I think someone took a look at the roster and decided that to have a county championship team they needed this person, that person, and that person.....and Ash just happened to not be on the list....ugh. I'm just disgusted....

Well that's about it for me.....Jen, glad Hannah is better. I will blog you guys in about another um month or so!! See ya.

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Jen said...

well I agree with you. It sounds like he wants to put a bigger guy on his team and he is playing the little card to get a spot for him. You r right this isnt football where he will be knocked out. I think u should tell him that you have thought about it and you want ash to be with the guys he has always played with and u will worry about whether or not he gets hurt, but thanks for his concern....ooohh this makes me angry.