Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to bloggin

Well Jamie fussed so I decided to blog. Not sure why I haven't blogged really I guess I just haven't been in the mood but here I am, I'll post something. Christmas was good. My kids had a good time. It was a bit stressful for me and honestly I didn't enjoy it much. I guess because I just felt so rushed and kinda wasn't really feeling the whole holiday happiness that should come with Christmas. I'm just glad it's over. As long as the kids were happy guess that's all that counts huh? I know I said I wouldn't blog anymore about work but I got to vent a minute.....Man it's wearing on me. It's ALOT going on there and I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed at the moment. I knew alot more responsibilities came with the promotion but I don't think I realized how much. It's hard for me to admit that I'm overwhelmed but I think I am. My old anxiety symptoms are starting to creep back up on me and I don't like that feeling. I do feel like it's strictly job related though and I know I got to get it under control. I need to take more time and relax and not worry about the drama that goes on there. This weekend was nice and all the time off was nice but to be honest I worried about what I had to go back to the whole time. I knew there was a ton of stuff waiting on me there and I felt like I should be there doing it instead of being at home enjoying the Holidays....makes no sense I know but its true. I read somewhere that anxiety will so hit you when your not looking and I think that's what is going on with me now. I'm just feeling overwhelmed in general. I know only I can control it and I have before and will again but I don't like feeling this way. I looked at my leave usage today on the computer and for the whole YEAR of 2008 I have taken a TOTAL (sick leave and annual leave) of 60 hours. That's like one week and 2 days off work in a year. That's not to mention all the saturdays and some sundays I've put in there. So when you look at it that way.....that's kinda ugly. And not only do I suffer (along with my body) my whole family suffers, my house suffers, my existence suffers. I need to change that in 09 I know. Honestly I don't foresee me getting to take off much more in this upcoming year but I'm gonna have to learn to "de stress" a little better I think. I used to say that smoking helped with the stress but that's just one bad habit for another. I need to find some good habits to help with stress. Some that are beneficial to my body and mind. I'm up for suggestions?????????ha. But anyway, that's what is going on with me lately. Not a whole lot I know. On a good note, my cold/sinus is better. It didn't actually start getting better until this weekend. I hung on to this one for a long time!!! Seemed like I never was gonna UN Stop!! ha. My poor sinuses were terrible. One thing I think that helped was that awesome facial I got on saturday. I've been on antibiotics and all but when that lady messaged my face for an hour, that was just awesome!!! And seriously by sunday morning I could drastically tell an improvement. I drank a bunch of water on saturday after I left there and ended up hacking up some bad stuff that day. I know that's gross but ya gotta get that stuff out!!! I'm telling you all if you ever listened to me before please take my advice and schedule yourselves one of those! Mine was an awesome experience. And relaxing as all get out. I think I need a facial every night when I get home!!! ha. Well sorry Jamie, that's really about all I have for now.........sad as it is....ha. Hope everyone has a safe and happy NEW YEAR!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugh, I'm Sick

I am SICK!!! Didn't sleep much last night at all. My throat is literally RAW. Like has no top layer on it raw. Can't see any yellow thingys on it so I'm not sure yet if it's from sinus drainage or actually strep. My nose is ALL stuffed up, my head hurt, no fever though. So it probably is sinus. I just know I feel "crappy". Believe it or not I have not been "sick" in awhile. I think like several years. Minor colds or whatever, maybe. But not a crawl in the bed, put lots of clothes on cause you're cold and lay in there sweating kind of cold. My neck is rather swollen a bit too. I'm not talking very much at all (yeah, believe it or not) and I don't talk any unless i have one of those throat lozenges in my mouth. I've gargled salt water, I've taken Tylenol, and I've eat like a bag of Ricola throat candy (hope ya can't die from an overdose of menthol) and I still feel crappy. Today, my plan is to drink as much water as I can possibly get down....so yes I do have a plan. I plan to have this knocked out of me by the weekend!!!!!! :) And no, I probably won't be missing work to do it.ha. Well ya'll have a great day, just felt like whining a little while.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Home Lilly Kay

Congratulations Jen on the edition of the 3rd Conatser child. You are the bomb, you had three of those things. Tough woman. Are you ready for the Y yet? I seem to recall several moments where you said you were fat and huge and blah blah blah and the minute she come out basically you were hitting the Y????? sound familiar????? :) She's a cutie for real though, of course she would be. All your children are cutie's. I do think this one kinda resembles Elaine as well. Funny, you have one who looks just like Kayla, one who looks like your mother in law (remember I always said Jackson looked just like Deb), and one who looks like your mom. Where are the one's who look like you and Chad???? Doesn't matter now though what they look like does it? You're done. Well I'm happy for you, happy it's over for you, and happy everyone is healthy! That's the important part.

So my first week on the job has KICKED my butt!!!!!! Literally. Remember how I was not going to go to work on Monday but ended up going in, well I received an email that day that we were being audited on Wednesday!! Yep, short notice huh? That's what I thought too. So, needless to say Tuesday night was a long night and Wednesday was nerve racking. I will probably get feed back today so I'm prepared for that. Also, this audit was just a pre cursor if you will to a HUGE audit (national) we're having done in Jan. Yep, this was kinda the homework before the big boys come in. Ah, fun.

Well hope everyone enjoys this snow we have today. It's very pretty but it's bothersome. ha. I might just do some Christmas shopping this weekend though. It kinda does put me in the mood. Have a good one~

Friday, December 05, 2008


Well, it's Official, I am the new Fee Basis Supervisor!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got the call from HR today. It's effective Sunday 120708!! Finally, can ya believe it? I've worked really hard for this and I am so excited. Cindy and I will be sharing responsibilities of course (like we kinda already do) but at least now I'm official and not just a "lead" pretending to be a supervisor. :)ha.
Pretty sure though, by this time next week the new will be worn off, right after the job starts kicking my butt!!! ha.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fresh Start-Economy

So I just deleted EVERY blog post I've ever posted since I first started this thing. Yep, my whole life (Fabulous as it is) for the last three years has been "deleted". I got to reading back on some of the stuff I'd written and first of all I said too much stuff on these things. I've talked WAY too much about my job on here and believe it or not there are people at my work who can't stand me and look for any and all things to get on me and I personally don't know who all out there is reading this crap. So with that said, no more posts about my job or the people AT my job (if I do choose to talk about it will be nothing that could be held against me in a court of law)ha. We'll talk about that in private it. ha. Second of all my life has just been absolutely crazy since I've been keeping this thing, most of it I do not "choose" to remember. So I decided I would just hit the delete button on that crazy part of my life as I now have choosen to move on. I just need a fresh start I do believe.

Jen I know you are getting ready to add a new addition to your family and I'm sure you are very excited to bring that little "bundle of joy" into the world. Hard to believe you are about to start all over but I know after the little person gets here you won't be able to think about what life would be like without her/or him???ha. It's something we just do and don't really think about when we raise these kids huh? I'm excited for you and hope everything runs um...smoothly!! :)

Jamie, your life has been about as crazy as mine has on here so you might want to think about hitting the delete button as well.....ha. I'm kidding. To each his own!!

I did notice we started off with Kayla on board and she dropped off pretty quickly. Funny, Kayla was probably the smartest of all of us for choosing not to write her crazy life down and putting it on the internet.

People change though, and sometimes people grow. I do hope I'm one of those people who "grow" from all my drama and mistakes and not just make em and keep on making em. I like to think I have grown anyway....grown into the FABULOUS person that I am. :)

I do have one thought on my mind tonight though that I'll share......This economy is really bad guys. Really Bad. I believe if pople HAVE a job at the moment they should definately try and Keep it!! I look around at all the people who want/need a job and it seems like it's worse than I can remember in a really long time!!!! Maybe worse than I've ever seen it, or maybe I'm just old enough to care now, but it's bad. I do feel for the people who are loosing their jobs left and right. If we have a job and it's steady, we should just be THANKFUL! Bridgestone is laying off, The BIG 3 is asking for bailouts, it's bad. And honestly I hope our new President can do something to turn it around. It's a big task though, I hope he's up for the challenge! I just think we need to pray about it and hope it turns around Soon!!!!

Well that's about all I have for tonight, hope ya'll have a good one!!!