Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugh, I'm Sick

I am SICK!!! Didn't sleep much last night at all. My throat is literally RAW. Like has no top layer on it raw. Can't see any yellow thingys on it so I'm not sure yet if it's from sinus drainage or actually strep. My nose is ALL stuffed up, my head hurt, no fever though. So it probably is sinus. I just know I feel "crappy". Believe it or not I have not been "sick" in awhile. I think like several years. Minor colds or whatever, maybe. But not a crawl in the bed, put lots of clothes on cause you're cold and lay in there sweating kind of cold. My neck is rather swollen a bit too. I'm not talking very much at all (yeah, believe it or not) and I don't talk any unless i have one of those throat lozenges in my mouth. I've gargled salt water, I've taken Tylenol, and I've eat like a bag of Ricola throat candy (hope ya can't die from an overdose of menthol) and I still feel crappy. Today, my plan is to drink as much water as I can possibly get yes I do have a plan. I plan to have this knocked out of me by the weekend!!!!!! :) And no, I probably won't be missing work to do it.ha. Well ya'll have a great day, just felt like whining a little while.

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