Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Home Lilly Kay

Congratulations Jen on the edition of the 3rd Conatser child. You are the bomb, you had three of those things. Tough woman. Are you ready for the Y yet? I seem to recall several moments where you said you were fat and huge and blah blah blah and the minute she come out basically you were hitting the Y????? sound familiar????? :) She's a cutie for real though, of course she would be. All your children are cutie's. I do think this one kinda resembles Elaine as well. Funny, you have one who looks just like Kayla, one who looks like your mother in law (remember I always said Jackson looked just like Deb), and one who looks like your mom. Where are the one's who look like you and Chad???? Doesn't matter now though what they look like does it? You're done. Well I'm happy for you, happy it's over for you, and happy everyone is healthy! That's the important part.

So my first week on the job has KICKED my butt!!!!!! Literally. Remember how I was not going to go to work on Monday but ended up going in, well I received an email that day that we were being audited on Wednesday!! Yep, short notice huh? That's what I thought too. So, needless to say Tuesday night was a long night and Wednesday was nerve racking. I will probably get feed back today so I'm prepared for that. Also, this audit was just a pre cursor if you will to a HUGE audit (national) we're having done in Jan. Yep, this was kinda the homework before the big boys come in. Ah, fun.

Well hope everyone enjoys this snow we have today. It's very pretty but it's bothersome. ha. I might just do some Christmas shopping this weekend though. It kinda does put me in the mood. Have a good one~

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Jen said...

the Y funny...I can't seem to get time to put food in my mouth so I would just pass out when I got there.