Monday, January 19, 2009

A rotten evening

Yep...pretty sure the irritability has totally kicked in. Things have so got on my nerves this evening. I've yelled all night at my kids and it's 9:50pm and Ashton is still laying in the bed crying...not asleep but crying. First of all let me say I HATE homework. And the fact that my kids tend to wait till Monday night before going back to school on a long weekend before even cracking a book. What is it with these kids? Is it just me or if I never asked them to look at their backpacks they'd never do homework. Is that just my kids? Really I want to know? Do all kids just act like school doesn't exists unless YOU ask them about it???? Just once I wish one (or both would be awesome) of my kids acted like they cared a little bit about school...they could care less, both of them. For a while I thought ashton might be different, I thought he had more initiative than Austin, boy I was wrong. Negative. None. His report cards are looking more and more like Austin's every six weeks. And I am so tired of it I could scream. I can't get him to even act like he wants to read. I have to read to him every night (stupid AR tests) and I try to get him to read to me, he just mumbles a couple of words and says you do it now. So here I am back to reading, the only way I know he can read is his teacher tells me. Lazy. Pure Lazy. And it wears me out. So needless to say tonight of all nights, I needed a smoke.....but I haven't had one....yet....and I need to go to bed before I do I know.... Ugh....and basically I'm just typing so that I'll have something to do with my hands...funny huh? Bubba called and after about two seconds on the phone with me he goes, um are you in a bad mood? I said yep sure am. He chatted for about all of 5 minutes then said well I'll get off of here, hope you get some sleep and hope you get in a better mood, talk to you tomorrow! ha. Maybe I'll take his advice and go to bed. Ya'll have a good one.

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Jen said...

yes all kids are like that. Hannah would wait until the last min. if I let her. Good job not smoking:)