Monday, January 26, 2009


Just thought I'd update, although you guys already know what's happened to me in the last week.... :)

I am feeling much better these days though for real. Haven't had a cig since last Sat. Still WANT to light up though. Taking it one day at a time. Chest Pains/Heart rate is MUCH better though I gotta admit since they poured that very bad liquid potassium down me. That was pure torture drinking that stuff. You may as well have opened up the salt shaker and poured it straight down my throat. And I'm not a big fan of salt in general. Since then I've just been trying to make sure I eat something daily with potassium in it. Hopefully that'll help. Oh and I've made sure I didn't "internalize" my stress at work...I'm working on getting better at that. Today, just fyi....I left at 430!!! Pretty sure, that's a first in a long time. And Jen, you will be able to appreciate this....I received a call today from my PCP (who also did tons of labs BEFORE sending me straight to Vanderbilt). They tell me my sugar is up and my triglycerides are up. My cholesterol was good-couldn't believe that. bout that? Cut out sweets and cut back on breads and come get it rechecked in 4 months....uh huh...I'll do that..... :)
Oh and one more thing......this is gross but I so have to blog about it-hopefully nobody is reading this but a select few-if you're not the select few oh well-
So I had this little "thing" come up a few days ago right on my how shall I say it, butt cheek. So it was kinda like a zit/boil/cyst type thing and although some people in my family are prone to those things, I've never personally had one. Well pretty sure, this "thing" was there and pretty sore. I didn't touch it or mess with it as I figured I'd just let it run it's course. Well this morning I was getting in the shower and um noticed it growing I guess you'd say. I thought to myself-being the crazy zit popper person that I am-boy I'd sure love to squeeze that....yeah try squeezing a zit on your butt and see how that works out for I just let it go. Today it's kind um bugged me, maybe it bugged me just knowing it was there but for whatever reason I thought about it alot today. So tonight I get home, do my usual routine of taking off my work clothes and slipping into something a little more comfortable (sweat pants) and I turn and look in the mirror only to see this thing is HUGE. I couldn't resist! I had to touch it. I reached back, S L I G H T L Y squeezed on it and whowza........this thing had a core in it that shot out like a cannon!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE and full of blood. Come on you all know the gushing sounds that a good zit makes when it pops? Well pretty sure I got that times 5!!!!!!!! The "thing" appeared smaller after I bleed out basically but you talk about SORE!!!!! And it looks like I have a whole the size of Egypt in my butt cheek!!!!!!!!!!!ha. I just couldn't resist telling ya'll that story. It was just cool to say the least. I've never experienced anything like that before.

Whew...I do NOT like getting old...ha.

So anyway, just thought I'd post something. Oh ya'll will be proud, I put some pics on facebook. Finally got me an album going. I was impressed with me. Of course, that's not hard though...ha. BYE!!!

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